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How to pet-proof your home

You’ve heard of “child-proofing” your home. Locks on cabinets, dangerous items kept out of reach. But you may not realize the reach of your four-legged family members. Many people have become frantic after finding their dog ingesting something they shouldn’t have.

Many people allow their dog to vacuum up food scraps and crumbs in the kitchen, that fall from a high chair, table or countertop, or a diner’s willing hand. However, some food items that are safe for you to eat or drink can be deadly to dogs.

Certain fruits, like grapes, raisins and currants are very toxic to dogs, and can result in acute kidney failure when ingested. These fruits may be in such foods as cereal, trail mix, baked goods, and grape juice.

Xylitol, a sweetener that is sometimes used in baking and in sugar-free gum, candies, mints and other items, can result in a low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, and potential liver failure in dogs when ingested in large quantities.

Finally, fatty table scraps, onions, garlic, compost and moldy food, macadamia nuts, coffee beans and grounds, unbaked bread dough, and alcohol can all pose a threat.

What to do? Keep counters clear. Your dog is taller than you think. Keep Fido out of the kitchen while feeding kids.

Common snacks like grapes and raisins can easily be thrown onto the floor, and your dog can get to them quicker than you can. Secure your garbage container. Your garbage and discarded food scraps are a great temptation. Store these items under the sink or in a secure closet.

In your bathroom there are chemicals that your dog can get into. Keep them in a closed cabinet. And medications, keep the dog out of the bathroom, in case you drop a pill, the dog can quickly get to it before you can retrieve it. Keep medications in a high cabinet.

In the bedroom, never keep medications on the nightstand. Dogs can easily get to them. And educate guests, so they don’t keep medications accessible to dogs.

For more information visit this website: www.petfirst.com/News/How-to-Pet-Proof-Your-Home.aspx.

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