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March food inspection report

The Putnam County Health Department and Indiana state Department of Health is authorized by law to ensure that foods are safe, wholesome and sanitary; regulated products are honestly and accurately represented; and, these products along with food establishments permitted in Putnam County are in compliance with the county and state laws and regulations.

Inspections are done following ordinance, 2005-4-4-2 retail Food Establishment & Bed and Breakfast Establishment ordinance, and state rule, 410-IAC 7-24 retail Food Establishment sanitation requirements. These laws and regulations are designed to provide a more comprehensive approach to protecting the customer from contaminated food and food borne illness.

Almost Home Restaurant, March 28, four critical, three noncritical, one repeat. Shredded cheese, bleu cheese and cottage cheese all probed above 41 degrees, meatloaf held past the due date of seven days, pepper jack cheese not labeled, ice baffle and front drink nozzles not clean to sight and touch; dispensing bottles of pink and blue liquid not labeled, front to-go fridge and the espresso fridge have no thermometers, labels on to-go items need to be updated with a list of ingredients and quantity; containers of flour in baking area and rice in storage room not labeled.

Casa Grande March 13, four critical, two noncritical, and two repeat. No one in charge during inspection, cooked chicken was not being cooled properly, clear spray bottle with yellowish liquid not marked with common name, rear exit door around push bar has holes that could allow insects to enter; raw chicken in prep table cooler and walk in cooler not covered, test kit provided was water damaged and not able to measure concentration of sanitizer.

Chiyoda USA Corporation - Building 1, March 26, cleared to open.

Chiyoda USA Corporation - Building 7, March 28, cleared to open.

Completely Nuts & Candy Company, March 28, one noncritical, sugar, brown sugar and powdered sugar not labeled in containers.

Conspire: Contemporary Craft, March 27, one critical, two noncritical. No paper towels to dry hands in the bathroom; evidence of pest droppings in the back of the building, needs to have a pest managements system in place, scoops are being placed down inside the containers, handles go directly down into the tea.

Days Inn, March 29, two critical. No manager on site during inspection, omelette and gravy held in refrigerator not properly date marked.

KJH Petroleum, March 7, seven critical, six noncritical, two repeat. Manager was not able to provide correct employee illness procedures, employee put gloves on to serve food and didn’t wash hands before, nozzles on pop machine were dirty to sight and touch, chicken strips in hot line were probed at 125 degrees, should be at 135 degrees or above, chicken was set out not temperature controlled while thawing, did not use sanitizer to wipe down counters, also did not know how to properly make sanitizer solution, thermometers need to be placed in all coolers and deep freeze units; large container of flour not marked with common name, employees were not wearing proper hair restraints, cup that was being used for scooping flour was down inside of the flour, general cleaning needs to happen throughout the establishment along walls and under equipment, cardboard on floor is being used to catch debris and grease and can not be easily cleaned nightly, hole in the ceiling above the fryer hood vent exposing roof and materials above.

Kwik Mart, March 29, two critical, one repeat. Breakfast sandwiches being hot held probed at 115 degrees, should be 135 degrees, clear spray bottle with purple liquid not labeled.

Lifespring Church Food Pantry, March 14, approved to open.

Marvin’s, March 1, four critical, eight noncritical. Manager was not able to give correct information for employee illness procedures, cutting table has many cuts and missing chunks out of it, also flat sheet pans that are warped and cracked must be replaced, ice baffle not clean to sight and touch, hamburger mix probed at 43 degrees on pan #1, 48 degrees on pan #2, and pan#3 at 49 degrees, cheese on prep table was probed at 54 degrees, ham slices, were at 48 degrees all cold hold items should be at 41 degrees or below; throughout kitchen, dining area, basement and bathroom cleaning needs to take place, also under fryers all the way to the wall must be cleared of food and debris, multiple thermometers missing in freezers and fridge, employee was not wearing hair restraint while preparing food, multiple seals need to be replaced in deep freezers and stand up fridge, air gap in south and north exit doors, they must be sealed, storing products under drink lines in dining area, covering in the kitchen needs to be installed and replaced in some areas, salt container not labeled for use from original container.

McClure Oil #46, March 28, follow-up inspection for Feb. 13 - all items corrected except 295 & 291.

New Providence Food Pantry, March 6, one critical, one noncritical. Toxic spray chemicals were stored next to the food products; mops were propped up against the wall, need to be hung up to dry.

Pierson’s Pizza Den, LLC, March 8, two critical, two noncritical. Prime rib in fridge was at 45 degrees and lasagna was probed at 43.8 degrees, should be held at 41 degrees or below, prime rib ready-to-eat was not date marked; hole in wall under the hand washing sink is exposing studs and pipes also exposed to moisture, ceiling in back stock room has multiple areas of water damage, ceiling is not smooth and easily cleanable.

Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry, March 6, no violations.

Putnam Inn, March 2, inspected stand-up grab-n-go cooler, labels and thermometers, approved to use as of March 2.

Silver Lady Saloon & Stage, March 7, completed a walk-thru, approved to open.

Tap House 24, March 27, three critical, three noncritical. Cheese slices were being held at 46 degrees, should be at 41 or below, cheese slices not date marked when they were open from original package, ice machine baffle was not clean to sight and touch; large whole cuts of meat were set in the sink to thaw, they were not being properly thawed under running water, missing panel of ceiling in back of kitchen, needs to be replaced, intake vents have accumulated dust in the back kitchen area.

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