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Wild baby animals

Warm weather arrives and young, baby animals appear everywhere. But beware... unless the baby is injured, leave him alone. More than likely the mother will return.

Young animals are not helpless animals and they are usually not abandoned. The watchful parent is probably nearby. If a young bird falls from a nest don’t take him home.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, if you can do so safely, the creature can be returned to the nest. The baby will not be abandoned by his parents. If the animal is injured, pick her up carefully and place her in a box. Creatures that bite should be handled by someone with training. A call should be placed to the local humane group or police so they can put you in touch with the proper officials to help with the animal.

Wild animals do not make good companion animals and are often illegal without the proper permits. Even if you intend to set her free, incorrect care can cause the young animal to substitute you for her real parents. This is called imprinting. When this happens, the creature can not be released or will often starve to death if released.

Remember, when you see those cute, cuddly wild critters, leave them alone if they are not injured. Wild animals have a right to their place on earth, too, not confined to a cage.

If you are concerned for animals all over the world, then check out this website: animalpeoplenews.org.

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