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How to help our hummingbird friends

Soon the beautiful hummingbirds will be returning to our area. We fill our hummingbird feeders with the hope of attracting these miracles of nature.

It is important that we do it right, so we don’t harm them. Artificial colorings are not good for the eggs of the hummingbirds, it weakens the shells and the babies won’t hatch.

Just plain sugar water is the way to go. Mix sugar and water, approximately one fourth cup of sugar to one cup of water, boil it to retard spoilage, cool the water and fill the feeders.

Sometimes the hummingbirds do not empty the feeder in a timely manner and the water gets cloudy. This is not good. The bottle should be cleaned with bleach water, rinsed well and refilled.

Sit back and enjoy the comings and goings of these beautiful birds.

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