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Cat grooming

Even regularly groomed cats swallow fur while cleaning themselves. This can lead to hair balls in the stomach, causing retching and occasionally a blockage in the intestine. If your cat has this problem, add a teaspoon of petroleum jelly to its food twice a week: groom him/her more often.

Groom him/her with a brush or a comb with rounded tips: this stimulates the skin and removes loose fur. Longhaired cats, especially when shedding, need daily grooming; other cats need brushing every few days.

When grooming, check for fleas; they may be apparent only from tiny black specks (their droppings). Some cats are allergic to fleas and develop eczema after a few flea bites. To rid your cat of fleas, use only those flea products marked safe for cats.

When looking for a companion animal, please go to local shelters.

Visit this website: www.wikihow.com/grooma cat.

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