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Companion animals in summer

Our companion animals and feathered friends rely on us to keep them safe and healthy through the seasons. In the summer months we need to make sure they have clean and fresh water every day and lots of it.

Many dogs have been known to simply upend the water dish in an attempt to cool down, so you may also need to top it up regularly. Water will stay cooler and cleaner if it is in a bucket instead of a shallow bowl.

The easiest way to clean a birdbath is to ensure it does not get dirty. When refilling the birdbath, dump out the stagnant water instead of just adding more. Choose a shady spot to minimize algae growth and slow evaporation. Use a solution of one part chlorine bleach to nine parts water to scrub the birdbath thoroughly.

Rinse the birdbath thoroughly with running water until there is no persistent foaming. Refill with clean water. Clean the birdbath two or three times a week,depending on how many birds use it.

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