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Dogs deserve more than being a prisoner in your back yard.

Dogs are pack animals, bred to live with company. Bored and lonely, a chained dog is vulnerable, unable to run away from trouble. All he can do is bark. He becomes aggressive, not protective. He does not make a good guard dog. Frightened, hyperactive, he may attack the innocent. [www.UnchainYourDog. org]

Kindness breeds protective dogs. K9 police dogs are extremely effective guard dogs. They spend hours with the officer. They become part of his family, not neglected on a chain. Kindness nurtures his natural instinct to protect.

If you must chain your dog, do so for as little time as possible. A confined, outside dog must have shelter. Guidelines are available. Try Helpinganimals.com.

Fencing is best, but if not possible, set a running line that won’t tangle. Or, use a 15-30 foot tie out on a stake in a central location, allowing movement full circle. Use a halter instead of a collar to avoid strangulation. Do not use a choke chain or retractable lead! He/ she might be excited at first, but bring him/her inside. Loyal and eager to please, even older dogs, encouraged by your attention, gratefully adjust to indoor/outdoor status. For behavior problems, search online, visit the public library, or ask another dog person for advice.

Take him for walks. Make him your best friend. If you are unable, or unwilling to do this, then perhaps a new home is the kindest thing you can provide.

Dogs need family, love, attention and some freedom! Please hive your confined dog a chance!

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