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Dogs and back to school

As kids head back to school and parents are at work, it can be stressful for the family dog. At least a week before your children go back to school, get your canine companion used to being alone.

Begin by separating him from the kids and the rest of the family. If you frequently take him to the store, leave him home. Pay less attention to him for increasing amounts of time about a week before school and extend the amount during the days that follow.

Dogs sleep a great deal during the day, but when they wake up, they want something to do. It doesn’t take much to entertain a dog, even when you’re not at home.

Dogs are natural foragers who love to look for food on the ground, and will spend hours doing so. Scatter a variety of foods (such as bits of raw vegetables and/or dog kibble) around the yard when you leave. (Note that some foods attract wasps. Avoid sweet-tasting foods like apples.) You might even try hiding some treats so he spends time looking for them. And always provide lots of fresh, clean water to keep him well hydrated.

Dogs love toys, but they can quickly get bored with them or destroy them. Buy high-quality, indestructible toys that hold treats like the Buster Cube and KONG. Every few days rotate the toys so they don’t become bored.

Some interesting websites you might enjoy: dogsdeservebetter.com, helpinganimals.org.

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