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Save money, improve patient experience

Putnam County Hospital serves a population of 36,000 people, with a high incidence of COPD and emphysema. With limited tools to treat respiratory distress, a significant number of patients were being elevated to the ICU and transferred to tertiary facilities.

Vapotherm was a transformative solution for treating respiratory distress. For patients, Vapotherm offered comfortable, local treatment. For the hospital, Vapotherm retained in-patient populations at a lower capital investment.

Putnam County Hospital continues to bring big city technology close to home. It is the mission of PCH to provide exceptional healthcare close to home.

“Patients seem to have a better sense of satisfaction with that technology as opposed to the other modalities, Dennis Weatherford, CEO, Putnam County Hospital said. Those are the types of things that drive volume and those are the types of things that keep patients local.”

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