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Do not dump your dogs!

This is a true story. We always take the same road home. About seven or eight years ago, we saw a dog beside the road. It was a beagle, with faded coloring. We were worried she would be hit by a car. So we went to the nearest house and asked if the beagle belonged to them.

The lady said someone had dumped the dog, but they put food out on their porch, and she would come and eat the food. She always returned to the side of the road.

We started calling her “Faded dog.” She was always there, beside the road. For six years Faded Dog was there. One day we did not see her. We went to the lady’s house and asked about her. The lady said Faded Dog had died.

That poor dog spent six years laying beside the road, waiting for her people to return and take her home. And it never happened.

Please, don’t ever dump a dog. The dog doesn’t forget.

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